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E-Commerce Open For Business GuideWhether you’re a fully brick-and-mortar business, fully online, or somewhere in between, times have changed.

Whatever the world throws at you, you can adapt your retail business to survive and thrive if you implement the right e-commerce strategy.

This guide will help you assess the situation using data, then prioritize the areas where you need to focus your resources in order to advance your e-commerce efforts.

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What does our guide include?

  • How to quantify your digital status before and during the COVID-19 crisis
  • How to use this information to prioritize crucial steps forward
  • Actions you must take in order to handle whatever the future holds
  • Valuable information for retail businesses who normally operate in a brick-and-mortar store, online only, or a combination of the two

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Bayshore Solutions is Your End-to-End Digital Partner

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We develop and design e-commerce experiences that attract and serve your customers at each step of the buying funnel, from first browse through purchase.

This often requires integrating complex functions like real-time data feeds, load-optimized imagery, trustworthy financial transactions, reliable shipment estimates/options and more. Our in-house, U.S.-based e-commerce developers have built successful online shopping websites, from simple one-item “membership“ product firms to Fortune 100 retailers selling more than 180,000 products by 200+ manufacturers with more than 3,000 searchable categories.

Whatever your e-commerce needs, Bayshore Solutions partners with you to make it happen.


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Who is Bayshore Solutions?

Digitally-driven & always results-oriented, Bayshore Solutions is the rare agency that delivers all the technology, creative and marketing expertise you need in one place. We are an end-to-end digital growth agency that provides award-winning design, certified development, specialized digital marketing services, customized branding, secure hosting and more. What makes us the right choice for your website needs? The combination of our experience, our team and our integrated methodology.

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We’ve built custom solutions for over 2,600 customers in a variety of industries.


Our team of executives, project managers, creatives, developers, digital marketers, IT professionals and others who are dedicated to helping our customers’ achieve their best results.


With over 20 years of experience, our proven and evolving methodology and results have been recognized consistently by major industry associations.

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As an end-to-end agency, our customers receive strategy, creative, development, hosting and digital marketing services all in one place.



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“[The Bayshore Team provides] expert service and always follows through on requests.”

- Michael Hitchcock, E-commerce Manager at Dan's Fan City